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Ycq2 series dual power automatic switching device is a new generation product developed by our company according to the advanced technology abroad and the actual needs of domestic users. It takes the high-performance single chip microcomputer as the core of the control system, equipped with a large LCD screen to display all kinds of values and working states in Chinese, which is easy to operate. It is a kind of intelligent dual power automatic switching device with perfect performance, safety and reliability, high degree of automation and wide range of use. It is an updated product of similar products in China at present.

This product is applicable to the power supply system of two-way power supply (common power supply N and standby power supply R or generator power supply R) with AC 50Hz, 400V and below and rated current up to 800A and below. The automatic switching of power supply due to the failure of one-way power supply (power failure, undervoltage and phase failure) ensures the reliability and safety of power supply. This product is widely used in high-rise buildings and residential buildings The important places where no power cut is allowed, such as residential areas, hospitals, airports, wharves, fire control, metallurgy, chemical industry, textile, etc., can realize the continuous power supply of unattended.

The product conforms to the standard: iec60947-6-1 《low voltage switchgear and control equipment automatic transfer switchgear》、GB t14048.11 《low voltage switchgear and controlgear automatic transfer switchgear》.

The electrical level of this product is CB.

Use category: ac-33ib
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