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CJ12 series AC contactors (contactor for short below) is designed for long-distance making and breaking in circuit, frequently starting, stopping, reversing and controlling AC motor in the power system with frequency 50Hz, rated insulation voltage up to 380V and rated current up to 600A. They are wisely used in equipments of metallurgy, steel rolling and crane, etc. The technical function refers to standard GB14048.4-2003, JB/T8980-1999. 

Normal working conditions:
1. Ambient temperature: It works within -5º C~+40º C, and the average temperature no more than +35º C in 24 hours. 

A. If working condition is with -10º C or -25º C ambient temperature, buyer shall explain to the manufacturer when ordering. 
B. If the ambient temperature is over +40º C or below -25º C, buyer shall confer with manufacturer when ordering. 
2. Altitude: No more than 2000m. 
3. Atmosphere: Relative humidity no more than 50% at max 40º C, and it may be higher at a lower temperature. The lowest average temperature no more than 25º C in the wettest month. The maximum average relative humidity of this month doesn't exceed 90º C. The change of temperature leading to dew on the product must be considered. 
4. Class of Pollution: It is Class 3. 
5. Installation Class: Class III. 
6. Mounting condition: Contactor shall be installed vertically. The inclined angle between the mounting surface and the vertical surface no more than +5º . 
7. Vibrating condition: Contactor shall be installed and work in amplitude no more than 6mm and frequency no more than 3Hz.

Construction features: 
Contactor is opening type, strip-frame plane construction. Main contact head system, electromagnetism system and assistant contact head are all stalled in a steel mounting planel. The middle is main head contact system, electromagnetism system on the right and assistant contact head system on the left. It is easy to inspect and service. 

The AC electromagnetism system is made up by U shape electromagnet and coil. Armature and yoke have shocks to decrease the impact stress and rebound made by contact vibrating and releasing in the time of system close. It makes electric life and mechanical life longer effectively. 

Main contact head system is single breakpoint type. A type contact head is adopting series connecting magnetic blow construction with ceramic longitudinal suture interrupter enclosures, and have good interrupter effect. B type is normal contact head with ceramic barrier piece enclosures. 

Assistant contact head is bridge double breakpoint type with a lucid hood. It has 6 couples of contact heads, and the opening and closing numbers are operated by user

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